Earth Explorer

Earth Explorer for Windows

Learn how beautiful our mother planet looks from outer space

Motherplanet Earth Explorer integrates high-resolution satellite imagery (1km resolution) with kinds of map layers such as political boundaries, coastlines, rivers, lake and island boundaries, 267 countries and regions, 40000+ ranked cities, 15000+ islands, and 1700+ noteworthy historical earthquakes since 1980 into a fantastic 3D earth globe.

You can specify what kinds of map layers to be shown, rotate the globe, click right mouse button and pull/push to zoom in/out the current map view, measure distance between any two points on the map, etc.

Key features:

  • A 3D bird's-eye view of our beautiful earth
  • Photo-realistic satellite imagery at 1km resolution covered entire earth globe
  • Integrates with several kinds of map layers
  • Rotate/Zoom in/Zoom out functions lets you observe our beautiful planet at any point
  • Three kinds of operation modes (Drag, Center, Measure)
  • Measure distance between any two points on the globe
  • Intelligent tips when your mouse moves upon a location
  • Sort country/city/island/earthquake table
  • Save favorite maps with BMP, JPEG formats

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Earth Explorer


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